Franks – Product Redesign

Product redesign, taking a product to the next level.

I noticed that the packaging for Falls Brand Franks had mediocre design and I thought that I could create a design that would not just improve the design of the product but also target campers. It is coming into the spring and summer camping season and as a camper, I love hot dogs roasted over an open flame! I thought this would be a good target audience and it seemed that the original label was lacking a target audience at all. Camping and other outdoor activities are very popular in the Western United States and hot dogs are a common easy meal to bring on an outdoor adventure. One hot dog consumer told me, “As someone who eats hot dogs much more often than I should, I would definitely be much more likely to buy this product with your redesigned packaging. I probably wouldn’t even consider buying it with the original design, unless it was the only option.”

“How can a label keep someone from buying hotdogs” you might ask. Take a look.

When a package design isn’t high quality, you wonder how professional the rest of their operation is. This is not what you want people wondering about, especially if you are an Idaho company like Falls Brand is. You want people to happily support businesses from their home state.

I first went to the drawing board on how to redo the sticker. Should I leave it as a long rectangle or change it up a bit? Here are my sketches on the label shape and the layout of the label.

I looked around pinterest for ideas on western looking designs and what qualities they have. Many of them seemed to have a textured background for a rugged look. I also went to the Falls Brand website to get some ideas on possible colour schemes and other design elements. I liked the header and body background textures they have on their website, it reminded me of paper you would get cuts of meat in from a deli. So I chose to use those in my redesign to bring some continuity across their branding. I pulled the light brown from the lighter texture to use in the text. I kept the red from their logo (which I thought was a fine logo) and used it in the fire icon I created.

I took all of this to Illustrator and began to create different drafts of the label. After going through a few backgrounds of the labels I settled on a couple options that I liked more than the others and began adding content to them.


You can see that these three labels were my favourite options. By the way, the weird pink background on the text is because I don’t have Helvetica font downloaded on my computer. Because of that I began thinking of font types. I looked for a font that I could use to make it look a little bit western cowboy and then I wanted a simple secondary font. So I used VanillaWhale-regular and Arial fonts.

Here is a side by side comparison of the original label and the new label I designed.

After doing this redesign I received some feedback and made a few changes to clean up my design a little bit more.

This new design is simple, just like a camp out. The design meets a higher standard and doesn’t make you wonder “who made that design?” but rather it makes you think of roasting hot dogs. This calls to the people who want it for their outdoor adventures and calls to impulse shoppers who say to themselves “if I had hot dogs I’d go roast them!”


Pitch Book Falls Brand Print by Ben on Scribd

Racquetball Gear, Rules, & Facts

Infographics are great visuals to share information.

An infographic is the goal for this project. The subject of my infographic is racquetball. There is much that goes into creating an infographic. You have to research before hand so you know which information is most important to your message and audience. Creating a visual display for the information can present a challenge as well, it can be difficult to convey an idea through an image without the context of words. Thankfully an infographic gives both words and images so people can quickly associate the image to the message and get the idea without having to spend extra time reading lots of text. I love playing racquetball and thought that it would be a good thing to make an infographic about since it is a fairly simple game that many people enjoy.

I found that conveying information using more image than text was a challenge. I had to ask myself often, “how can I take this fact and make it more visual?” I decided to use contrast in size and opacity to make the information more visual.  I also struggled with how to make the infographic flow well. I had people look at my infographic in photoshop and draw the path their eyes followed, this showed me where I needed to improve my flow.

After receiving some feedback about my infographic design I made some changes. The most significant things that I changed were the title, background, and order of topics. My previous title was just “Racquetball,” which has no draw or catch when you see it. I don’t have much experience with titles but I chose “Gear/Rules/Facts” as the first part of my title because I can then change the following portion of the title to create a series of infographics about different sports like squash, badminton, marbles, etc. The background is the same wood floor image but I made it smaller to make it less prominent and a more subtle addition to the racquetball feel. A number of individuals who gave me feedback felt that the rules should come right after the gear and facts should go last. I see now how that will be helpful to the order of things, the facts are less interesting when you don’t know how to play or what racquetball is about. I think that most people will want to know some rules before they want to know facts anyway. I made sure that each section had the same diagonal flow, this makes each section predictable and easier to follow.

Infographic about gear, rules, and facts of racquetball, created by Ben Fagersten of BenDesigning

You can find this infographic on pinterest.

Creative Resume Handout

Creating a unique resume handout can set you apart from other potential employees.

The creative resume handout was a great opportunity to get back into Adobe Illustrator and create something that will help sell myself. My idea is to have a small handout, about the size of a business card, that holds my business card but also provides some information about myself. I show my skill set, employment experience, creative philosophy, and my schooling. While it is not extensive or comprehensive it serves the purpose of introducing me. While I was trying to create this I was inspired by one of my classmates Emily Jenna, who was folding her creative resume handout. I thought it was a great idea and I wanted to deliver my business card with mine as well. So I looked up how to make an origami business card holder and added my design to it. I have taken some photos of my creative resume handout, which you can see below.

BenDesigning creative resume handout, Ben Fagersten

BenDesigning creative resume handout, Ben Fagersten

BenDesigning creative resume handout, Ben Fagersten

BenDesigning creative resume handout, Ben Fagersten


Top Stock Image!

It’s time to share my top selling stock photo!

All of my stock photos are tied for first in the competition for top selling photo. That is because none of them have sold yet…

But the one I’m most excited about is my gingerbread man photo. It’s a bit out of season but I hope it will do well when it comes to Christmas time. This is the original photo I took with some minor edits. I received critique on what to change and those changes are seen in the bottom.

Gingerbread man on christmas tree, Ben Fagersten

Gingerbread man on christmas tree, Ben Fagersten

I removed the bright green thing from the bottom left corner of the photo and made the frosting whiter using the levels eyedropper. Two simple edits changed the photo a lot and makes it a stronger piece to sell.

Portfolio – Top Shots of Comm 316

This portfolio post shows some of my best work from the last 3 months in my Comm 316 class.

Over the last 3 months in my Comm 316 class at BYU-Idaho I have branched out to try new types of photography like product, food, architecture, and fashion to name a few. It has also been wonderful to further develop my landscape and portrait photography skill. I have found that many of my photos are dark, I love it when a photo is dark and allows the subject to pop out. The dark background isolates the subject and allows it to stand for itself. White backgrounds or other plain backgrounds can provide the same effect and I have used those in my photography. I have learned so much from Caryn Esplin, Douglas Phan, Gerardo Sumano, and Vanessa Godfrey who were great teachers in this class. But, I have also learned a lot from my classmates like Garrett Blanchard, Emilyn Prestwich, and Helaman Higley.  Thanks to them and a number of others I have become a much better photographer!

Ben Fagersten Black Background Broad Daylight Photography Computer Mouse

Wings appetizer at the lift restaurant Jackson, WY, Ben Fagersten

Tic Tacs, Ben Fagersten

Macro photo of an evergreen tree branch, Ben Fagersten

portrait of garrett blanchard, Ben Fagersten

Macro snowflake grand teton national park, Ben Fagersten

special effects gels on led and rogue speedlights through smoke machine smoke, Ben Fagersten

foot on soccer ball, Ben Fagersten

Female model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Male model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Ben Fagersten Black Background Broad Daylight Photography Reb Rebecca Fagersten


Male Model Fashion Shoot

With the proper lighting and posing you will make your subject look like a male model in a photo shoot.

Male model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Male model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Male model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Male model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Female Model Fashion Shoot

Posing female models for fashion is different than other types of portrait shoots.

Female model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Female model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Female model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten


Female model fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten





Couples Fashion Shoot

Couples Fashion shoots develop skills for all types of event photography.

couple models fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

couple models fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

couple models fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

couple models wedding fashion shoot, Ben Fagersten

Ben Fagersten

Image of Ben Fagersten

Ben Fagersten is a photographer from Cedar Falls, Iowa studying Visual Communication at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho.

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